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Fit for the new year: PHS Retrofits

Fit for the new year with our RETROFITS!

Remain competitive!
Invest in your machine now to be well equipped for the future. Only those who keep up with the times will remain competitive in the next years. Producing more efficiently and cheaper makes your products more attractive to the market. 

Reduce your costs!
Are you ready for the next level of heatsetting? By upgrading your machine to its latest technical standard means there might be several ways of reducing costs! No matter if we are talking about steam costs, costs for spare parts or lower power consumption,…contact us to check your individual options!

Increase efficiency and improve your yarn quality!
Please feel free to get in contact with us to check your specific upgrades! Avoid yarn hangers, reduce yarn breaks, install a monitoring system for yarn jams or make a bigger investment and improve your exhaust system by installing our new pre-zone. There are different ways to improve your current machine and we will be pleased to tell you about which ones are best for you!