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Power-heat-set GmbH presents its New Coiler at the exhibition ATME 2004/ USA

The combination of coiler and Twinrollbox permits the customer to change the production from frieze yarn to straight set yarn within few minutes (3,4).

Power-Heat-Set considers this system a big advantage and will present at the ATME for the first time an innovative further development of the coiler, the so called “Circle Layer”. The yarn layers are flatly deposited on the transport belt in an exact specified circle by a counter-rotating drive (1,2) – even with highly twisted yarn. The deposited yarn will then undergo the heat-setting process. After a first setting phase, the yarn will be released into the heat-set zone leading to an optimal shrinkage and bulk as well as a better uniformity in the heat-set process. The big advantage of this system also shows at the safe re-winding of the yarn. The yarn rests neatly and in even circles on the transport belt and the individual yarn layers lay exactly on top of each other (5), i.e. the first yarn layer, which will be taken off, is the top level as well. The take-off of the yarn is therefore very orderly taken. It is often the small and continuous changes, which sum up to something big!