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Power-Heat-Set is celebrating its 20th birthday

20 years of powerful developments - since 2002, Power-Heat-Set offers high-quality heatsetting machines for textile yarn treatment to customers all over the world. 

The success story actually started several years ago in 1971, when the first heatsetting machine, the GVA, was developed by Resch Maschinenbau, the sister company of Power-Heat-Set. The company was commissioned to construct a single head machine for textile treatment to be presented at the ITMA in 1975. However, the experience during the ITMA pointed towards a greater interest in a multiple head machine. Therefore in 1975, Ludwig Resch sen. developed the first six-headed yarn heatsetting machine and in 1977 already 14 machines had been sold.
Soon after, Resch Maschinenbau received the first orders for the American market. From 1978 to 1987, 400 GVAs were shipped to the United States as well as 30 machines to various customers in Europe and Japan, and then later worldwide including Saudi Arabia, Turkey and China. In the nineties, the company introduced the first belt version of the developed frieze-machine and the in-line steaming unit Steamatic.
Since 2002, all textile activities have been concentrated at Power-Heat-Set GmbH (PHS) and in 2007, the PHS subsidiary in Dalton, USA, was founded.
During the first years, PHS develops the Twinrollbox (TRB) which even won an award for being the best innovation. The TRB is a new type of Frieze box and gives yarn a specific structure and look, that is fixed by going through the heatsetting process.
In addition to the multi-channel GVA, which has with 17 tons per day the highest level of daily production on the market, PHS also invented the HiPerSet. This single-channel machine for textile treatment has an output of 12 tons per day. Nowadays, more than 1000 machines with PHS´ heatsetting technology are in use worldwide.

CEO Marcus Köhler and CTO Kurt Frank see the greatest benefit of Power-Heat-Set being the fact that development, construction, installation and maintenance come from a single source – from the engineers and technicians based at the headquarters in Töging near Munich. The team focuses on bringing advantages to the customer’s production process regarding quality, runability, productivity, energy saving and handling, by using the company-owned testline for design, research and development.
As a result, customers all over the world appreciate the high standard of PHS heatsetting machines with constant improvements, quick installation and worldwide service. 

Innovation is the key of the PHS success story and as in the past, Power-Heat-Set continuously works on optimizations to meet every customer’s needs and the expectations of the carpet yarn market. These changes mean a permanent challenge to the creative developers and determine the PHS heatsetting machines of tomorrow.