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The first pictures of the new Twinrollbox (TRB 48) for 48 ends

Our engineers have gone new ways in the development of the Twinrollbox.

In order to get unusual and innovative answers, they called a lot of things into question. The result was a completely new conception for the production of Friezeyarn. Because of the great demand of our customers, we are now developing a Twinrollbox for 48 ends. The first prototype for basic experiments is at disposal. We are now starting the precision work, in order to offer our customers the well-known advantages** of the Twinroll technology as soon as possible, also for 48 ends.

** advantages of the Twinroll technology

  • high capacity of production
  • high reliability
  • wide spectrum of texture
  • all general materials
  • simple service
  • very careful for yarn
  • high efficiency
  • low twist in the yarn