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The "Twinrollbox" of Power-heat-set for the production of frieze

Power-heat-set pesents its' newest development: the new Frieze Unit, called the "Twinrollbox".

It's not just an improvement of the existing technique. The "Twinrollbox" system provides a completely new method for the production of Frieze Yarn for carpets.

Some of the most important advantages of the new Frieze unit are :

  • The full capacity of GVA 5000 is usable, because our new system is able to produce most kinds of frieze with most kinds of yarn with a maximum speed of 600m/min* and 8 ends* per position (channel).
  • Individual adjustement of the friezing rate with definitely highest quality for stable fibres and also textile.
  • The new design makes possible that we run without big breaks and therefore with utmost possible efficiency and productivity. All the tests we did had between 30% and 60% higher productivity with PP, PA, PE etc.
  • New Quick-Change to change between frieze and straight yarn production within a very short time.
  • It is possibel to mix production of frieze and straight yarn.
  • A higher qualityof yarns was achieved

*this values sometimes have to be reduced because of the limitations of performance of heatset maschines and winders