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USA Premiere - During the ATME 2004 in Greenville, USA, Power-heat-set GmbH presents the new Twinrollbox for up to 48 ends for the first time to a wide public.

Together with “Belmont Textile Machinery Company” the newly developed Twinrollbox TRB 48 was presented to the American carpet industry.

With this new “standalone aggregate” you can produce frieze yarn with up to 48 threads and fed it afterwards to the heat-setting process. The interest in these new development was huge and found a big favour. To allow a quick change between heat setting of frise yarn and straight set yarn and therefore to give our customer highest flexibility we continuously going to improve to lay the yarn down on to the GVA belt version. After we presented the twin-roll-technique for frieze yarn first at the ITMA 2003 in Birmingham, we presented a further step of development of the Coiler at the ATME.

We thank all our American Customers and Friends for the high interests in our products. Your acknowledgement is our motivation to go ahead with steadily developing and improving our products for you.