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We, Peter and Ludwig Resch, would like to thank everybody who had a hand and did contribute to this grandiose success of the show ot the ITMA 2003 in Birmingham for Power-heat-set

A lot of customers had recognised well the first public debut of power-heat-set GmbH at the ITMA exhibition in Birmingham.

Many people had been contributed to this big success. For this we want to thank everybody very much. First and in particular we want to thank our friends from Belmont Textile Machinery, Jeff Rhyne, Dan Dawson und Dean Smith for the great support. Furthermore we want to grant a special warm gratitude to the employees from power-heat-set, Maria Edlbergmeier, Judith Enggruber, Jens Enger as well as our senior consultant Gerhard Vetter. Representative for all agencies we want to thank Mr.Süha Doratli and Mr.Yves Le Clair, who did a especially good and perfect job. Their engagement had been exemplary.

Least but not last we also want to mention the employees from Resch Maschinenbau GmbH who did a fantastic job and had been a great help in preparing and arranging the show in advance.Here we want to thank especially Joseph Wimmer, Guenther Schiessl, Alfred Wallner and Rudi Deisenboeck. But finally the most important reason for the fantastic success was the visit and interest of all of you, of all people and customers who had been visiting us. Therefore we want to thank you very much for your coming! It was a pleasure and honour for us to welcome you as our guests and we do our best to be a good partner for all of you in future.

Thank You For Coming !