The perfect solution for every customer!


The GVA Heatsetting machine offers proven reliability, flexibility, and productivity in continuous heatsetting. It utilizes superheated steam with the full capacity of heatsetting natural or synthetic fibers.

The 6 channel configuration provides unmatched versatility for the customer. The GVA essentially provides six machines in one energy efficient package. Not only is the GVA a perfect solution for running high volumes of uniform production efficiently, but the GVA also provides the flexibility to run six individual lot sizes while offering the ability to process frieze or straight yarn on any position.

Our new modular system of GVAs gives our customers the possibility to choose the machine that meets their individual demands:

GVA 4.0+

The economic model 
Efficient production combined with low investment 
Production up to 8 tons per day

GVA 5.0+

The standard model
Decades of global experience combined with modern design and functionality
Production up to 12 tons per day

GVA 8.0+

The maximum production model
Highest level of daily production on the market combined with next generation technology
Production up to 17 tons per day
GVA 4.0+ GVA 5.0+ GVA 8.0+
Number of operators 2 2 2
Maximum ends on creel 96 96 96
Maximum yarn speed overfeed 600 600 600
Straight and frieze yarn possible
Maximum production (tons/day) 8 12 17
Channels with yarn relaxing zone 6 6 6
Accumulator for optimizing machine efficiency
Take up winder maximum yarn speed (m/min) 750 m/min 750 m/min 750 m/min
Maximum belt density (g/m length of belt) 185 185 185
Steam consumption (kg/h) 75 80 90
Electricity consumption (KWh) 50 - 70 60 - 80 80 - 90
Air consumption

All data without guarantee and excluding all liability. These are approximate values which can vary depending on conditions. Production data depending on dtex, twist, filaments, yarn quality, yarn speed, belt density, etc. The belts must not be loaded with more than the recommended quantity.