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The GVA Heatsetting machine offers proven reliability, flexibility, and productivity in continuous heatsetting. It utilizes superheated steam with the full capacity of heatsetting natural or synthetic fibers. The 6 channel configuration provides unmatched versatility for the customer. The GVA essentially provides six machines in one energy efficient package. Not only is the GVA a perfect solution for running high volumes of uniform production efficiently, but the GVA also provides the flexibility to run six individual lot sizes while offering the ability to process frieze or straight yarn on any position.

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The HiPerSet is our single-belt solution. A specific air guide system provides a constant thermal environment in the complete processing station. With the removal of obstructions to airflow, a high volume of climate circulation is achieved with relatively high compression allowing yarn to be heated quickly and thoroughly to the required heatset temperature. The HiPerSet offers easy maintenance and operation.

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